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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hubby has been on B shift for about a month now (3pm-12ish) and it's coming to an end and here is what I have gathered.

Baby is 
-out of control
-tantrum thrower
-has to have everything THIS SECOND


after his nap these past few days he is the most sweetest angel ever.

for example tonight. . .
all he wanted to do was just play and play and play.
we "wrestled". chased each other. ate dinner TOGETHER.
and none of that before nap time stuff.
I also got some flash cards today from the Dollar Tree and we learned some numbers and he was SO HAPPY! he giggled and cheered and just wanted more and more. He and I (which he NEVER) forgots about his baba (his goats milk)! He also loves to dance [I put on the radio during bath time].
I am sorta gunna miss one on one time with baby while daddy is at work but it will be nice to have a helping hand around the house at night again.

On another note we got a couch today. . . well we bought it, but it will be here next Wednesday. Slowly but surely I'll make this house a home step by step. My next purchases [in the distant future] is to buy a nice dining room table we can all sit at and enjoy. Right now its dinner trays or one adult and baby at the table. The last big purchase later on is a futon for the guest room/office. [we have a blow up bed for now] and not expecting any guest to stay over. 

Lastly, I have been wanting to take pictures of people. Tomorrow is play group so I will hopefully get some there. It's just awkward [to me] because we are all friendly and I ask to take their pictures and they liked last weeks, but I guess I'm not so outgoing in that situation. The photo walk was fun and opened my eyes to how many places you've never been to would be the perfect backdrop to certain photos/people. 

Enough of my rambles.

Until next time. . . . . .


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