Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Totally have not been on this blog as much as I wanted too.

Things in life have been going okay.
I mean I shouldn't complain and I know it is totally normal BUT!, as soon as baby toddler turned 2 it was like a switch came on in his head to be the most uncooperative kid around. I know other kids are "worse" but goodness give me  a break sometimes! Lately, he's had these Level 10 tantrums for no reason at all and some days its one after the other, continuing on till bed time. Talk about bed time, it is the worse time of the day almost. He cries and cries and doesn't want his diaper changed or pants or anything for that matter. Let's talk about today for instance. Our plans got canceled so I decided well I'll still take him out. I gave him  a snack and to the park we went, then I took him to the mall and got him one of his faves (a treat at that) Chick Fil A, then I gave him ANOTHER snack, (not like me or hubby to give him that many treats) but since he's been cooped up in the house due to nasty weather and canceled plans 2 days back to back, I figured it's a treat day, then I let him play in the play area for kids in the mall and right when I did he ... needed a diaper change so home we went and while we encountered some minor tantrums at the mall, what was waiting when we got home was .... let's just say not what I wanted in my future. He headbutted me when I was cleaning up a mess that he made and then hit me after that. My head is still numb and he is in his crib talking... not napping (I wish, but that is too much to ask for). Some days it's amazing, some are just okay, and some.... well if I drank alcohol then you'd might have to admit me to Rehab!!! I understand that he is a toddler, and some would say I have it easy, but if you've lived with a toddler and are a SAHP ...BLESS YOU! and treat your self because whatever choice you made to become a stay at home parent, you need to treat yourself! It's hard. It's trying. and it is definitely challenging! I am not saying I don't love him, because I do with all my heart but some days, 
Mama needs a break! 

Until next time. . .