if. . .

Friday, February 24, 2012

If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for?
vow renewal party
If you could paint a picture of any scenery you’ve seen before, what would you paint?
If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
23 (I don't want my little guy to grow up any more haha)
If you knew the world was ending in 2012, what would you do differently?
spend more time with family, travel, and don't hold onto anything negative
If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
my mom she's taught me so much
If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
past, the birthing of my son (awe)
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
speak Thai
If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be?
to get my son as many words as possible
If you were immortal for a day, what would you do?
save military members from getting hurt (fighting the war)
If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?
Sophia (if I ever have a girl that's what her name would be)
If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
my great grandma on my moms side or my great grandpa on my dads side
If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
pay off all debts in my family
If you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be?
a cheetah
If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?
the answer to world peace? (idk thats a weird question)
If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
some happy ending women in one of Nicholas Sparks books haha

Yes, another (about me) post.
oh and here is two pictures from today.

{baby gotta hang out with this adorable little girl who was born one day before him (in the same hospital); Also he got his first kiss. . . she laid one on him and I missed it!!}
{This is one of my cute puppies (we call them puppies even though they'll be 4 in July) and isn't he so cute with his puppy eyes}

see you in the next post. . .


Thursday, February 23, 2012

What was your favorite food when you were a child? mashed potatoes
What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod? work out by J Cole
What is one of your favorite quotes? never go to sleep mad
What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity? going to the dog park as a family
What chore do you absolutely hate doing? either cleaning after a yummy meal or putting laundry away
What is your favorite form of exercise? walking with the family or dancing like a maniac 
What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? time of day is nap time (I love to see baby peaceful and asleep and I get done whatever I wanna get done)
What’s your least favorite mode of transportation? flying. but its faster.
What is your favorite body part? my calves
What sound do you love? my little boys silly sounds and words

 {this was a while ago but I just love this little guy to pieces}

just a little getting to know me <3

so many things in such little time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time. Where are you going? So. . . next week we are PCSing for the first time (technically I guess it is our second but this is our first base "together") so I'll count it as our first). Anyways today we got the day they are coming to pack up our house and basically we decided the date we'll be driving out of this state! It's so crazy to think we are opening up a new chapter in our military fairy tale. Anyway PICTURES :)

So, baby had his Valentine shirt on but accidents happen that prevent baby from wearing these clothes without a wash (if yah know what I mean). Therefore this awesome shirt that says it all will do. As you can see dada is sad that he's not that cool.

I love love love this bead maze. I feel like he is really using his brain rather than a battery operated toy that goes off and scares you to death without being touched. 

On this special day I got to spend some much needed time with my friend Ashley. (you know military brings us together and separates us (by a lot of miles). Anyways we enjoyed lunch at Applebee's (yummy spinach salad and shrimp with bacon vinaigrette), went to the mall to find a dress (with a baby) for the Welcome home get together, stopped by a wonderful cookie place, got some raw milk and eggs for the family and she surprised me with my very own cute sock monkey! 

On this wonderful day I tried a recipe that I came upon on Pinterest. It's a THREE ingredient recipe and you just throw it in the crock pot . . . I think it was made for me haha. It's called crock pot chicken tacos and mMMMmm it's good and very very easy to make. Later that day hubby and baby read and played on the computer together. 

Oh yes my wonderful Bountiful Basket and sad to say my last one for who knows how long. The closest site to where we will be moving is about 2-2 1/2 hours away :( Hopefully I can open or help open up one when I get there. We ordered an add on which was an Italian pack and I like to have a challenge to find recipes to go with these amazing ingredients. Tomorrow (2/22/12) we'll be having some pizza with chicken, bacon, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, cheese, and olive oil. (let's just say its gunna be DElish). 

Mama scored! I don't go to Kohl's much just because it's sorta outta the way (where it's at here) and I'm glad I did because I scored all this wonderful stuff (Chap's) for less than $9 bucks for my cute little baby!

I feel like my little baby can finally wear some shoes and won't mind them that much. He's wearing his Timberland boots he got from one of his grandpa's and I must say he is mighty adorable!!! 

I love my hubby! He likes me to have a wishlist on Amazon for everyone (baby, dogs, me, and the house) and he ordered head rest dvd's for the long journey to Texas. Then today a dvd I've been wanting to see and a cd I've been wanting came in the mail :) What a guy <3 Also, woo hoo HauteLook! I got my primer potion which I've been wanting forever came in the mail. 

That's it for now. I hope to update before the BIG move! Also, I want to try my hardest not to forget a picture of the day! I've done AMAZING so far (my past record is not so HOT)! :) 

See you in the next post. . .

catch up and whats to come

Monday, February 13, 2012

So, I reckon I should catch you up. Baby is teething, first I found one tooth and then another and then today (the 13th of February) I found a third! Poor guy. Anyways let us jump into some photos!

Another wonderful Bountiful Basket but their is a bonus. So since hubby is home I can volunteer (only twice since we are moving), but I had fun (even though the truck was late for the first time here). Sad thing I found out is (we ordered an add on which was a tropical basket which is pictured to the right of my conventional basket) we didn't get vanilla beans in ours but everyone else did. I just ordered today (the 13th of February) and I added on an Italian pack which I am excited to see what I get in there and will open at the site. I've learned my lesson! 

Superbowl Sunday. Giants (whom I wanted to win) vs. the Patriots. Babys first Superbowl and Daddy was excited to spend it with him since he missed babys first whole football season. We as a family dressed in our teams gear (the Philadelphia Eagles). We enjoyed the Dorito's commercial and the M&M one the most. I was surprised that I finally enjoyed the half time show (even though it didn't seem like she was singing live, you could actually hear music though. 

Here baby is doing many things. He tried freshly juiced apple juice (apples we got from our basket and daddy juiced on his Jack Lalanne). Then he sticks out his tounge (which he does a lot). Bottom left he is crawling (which is also does a lot and fast I might add). And lastly he is crying because he lets us know when it is time for beddy by. 

Now it has snowed this winter but with a baby and just me at home I waited for snow and daddy to be here at once to let baby touch and feel it for the first time. Let's just say I should have waited longer because baby did not like it one bit. 

Here my monkey boy is such a big boy acting like a teenager/adult slouching on the recliner and posing so cute in his playzone. I adore his new pj's I got from Target (Brand: Carter's) but the bottoms are too long/big.

I probably look like a totally creeper always taking pictures of baby while he is sleeping or of his feet but they are so cute and I want to take a lot of pictures of him and all my (future) kids as much as possible. Besides I have a digital camera so I am not paying for film so who cares! 

I'm sure he's been showing signs but on this particular day he let us know that he is teething so hear him ROAR! Poor fella has been teething on everything in site. 

Sooooo the most adorable thing happened on this day. I put him down with a bottle for a nap (I know I know don't give him a bottle before sleep but anyways) I went to get the bottle and check on him and I walk in and he is (how he got this I don't know I mean it was by his crib but I didn't think it was that close) cuddling daddy's deployment hat! My heart melted and I ran to get my camera and after two snaps he rolled over and did not want to share his dada's hat. I love that boy so much! 

Yesterday (since this photo was taken yesterday) I made a huge batch of brown friend rice with shrimp and chicken and it is and was yummmmay. Also, baby is teething like crazy and making the silliest faces while in the process of trying to bust them teef out! 

Doesn't he make any photo so much better? Today we went to catch up with a fellow spouse and her kiddos and I took some snap shots of her newborn (2 months already!!) I also curled my hair but I tried to curl it with out the clamp on my curling iron (sorta like the wand ones but ... not using a wand). I think I did okay today hehe :) As you can see baby is  still teething but I looked at his gums and I now see 3!! Poor guy he is taking it like a champion! 

Today we got some more info on our moving and we will probably be on the road the second week of March (thats what we are SO HOPING for). I can't wait to get this move over with because I have so much anxiety over it and finding a home to live in. Welp that is it for now.

See you in the next post . . .

something has been on my mind

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Facebook it has been reoccurring to me that people .... tend to shove "parenting skills" down peoples throats. Not saying its bad to notify people but I am gunna give my point of view on it. 

1. Is car seats which I totally own up to posting a few links on how a child should properly be in a car seat. My number one things are stay rear facing as long as possible. What I mean by that is go as long as you can (does not matter if your kid is older than a year and more than 20lbs.) until baby reaches 40 lbs or the height max on our convertible car seat. They have proven that it is safer and if it is safer and manageable ... WHY NOT? 

2. Breastfeeding. Now a huge thing going around is places, shows, movies, FACEBOOK, or w/e is against breastfeeding in public or showing it which IMO is dumb because you can show just about all of a women besides her nips and crack and girl parts on TV but if a mom is breastfeeding discretely it is seen as disgusting? or inappropriate? I am all for breastfeeding because when it comes down to it breast is best BUT some people can't because they have had emotional issues, don't want to (which is totally fine because if the baby is getting fed proper nutrients then you are doing great!), can't, or were not properly informed. 

Here is my breastfeeding story in short:
I went into the end of my pregnancy saying I am going to breastfeed and have this child natural and that is how it is going to be. Well how it ended up is different. 1st of all my water broke and I didn't realize it was my water (it was leaking not like a "gush") and so it had broke at 10 am and I went to the hospital at like 8 pm so around 10 they told me I needed pitocin because they didn't want any infections which I really didn't want ANY drugs but I was not progressing. I was lucky because I never felt any pain till I was around 6-7. I ended up doing it without ANY pain meds. Now breastfeeding came along and when I look back at it, it was worst then the birthing process and emotionally damaging. The reason I say that is because I had about 3 different people (nurses) and one Lactation consultant at the hospital "teaching" me. Now the way I was taught was SHOVE THE BOOB straight into their mouth (feeling like I was getting a mammogram every time) and it hurt and took a toll on my body and boob and my "emotion/feelings" because it hurt so bad so I was discouraged and felt like I wasn't a good mom because it hurt to feed him and I didn't know if I could do it. Fast forward to his 1st doctors appointment he had lost "too much" weight and he told me to supplement with formula and the emotions I felt was a rush of guilt, anger, sad, disappointment, and being the worst mother. Here I am the source of his food and I'm not doing my job to give it to him. Later the base lactation consultant came over and her way was much more easier but it still hurt (my boobs were cracked, sore, hurt, aching, and again all the emotions were still there). I tried off and on to breastfeed and we finally got a pump but breastfeeding always hurt. I ended up pumping till he was 3 months old and supplemented with formula. He's now (9 months old) on formula and he is a healthy boy. There are are a lot of things I wish I did different and will next baby. I never attempted breast shields (didn't even think of it at the time). After the next baby is born I want the least amount of interaction with the nurses (they bug you like every 30 minutes; I left after 24 hours after giving birth because they bug you so much). I will be storing as much milk as possible in the freezer for those JUST IN CASE moments. Some other things but now that I know I can give birth naturally, breastfeeding is my next challenge with next baby and I know it shouldn't be a challenge but it is and was not as easy as I thought or some people have got it. 

One of the points I was trying to get across is when you post and constantly shove breastfeeding down peoples throat ... you do not know why they don't or can't. Every time I hear about breastfeeding or it comes up in conversation, a piece of me dies because I wanted to succeed at it so badly and ... it did not work out for me in that way. I am so for it and so happy lots of mommies can do it and I envy them.  But before you judge and say why aren't you breastfeeding think... maybe she can't, maybe something happened, maybe she was taught wrong. Just because you do it doesn't make you a better or you love your child more than that mom does. 

3. Last but not least Cloth diapering. I own about 20 cloth diapers and do I do it at the current moment? no. have I? yes. I can see why moms do it and good for them for keeping that up. I think it is great and I am all for it. But the same thing goes for this situation. Do not think you are better or love your child more than a person using disposable. As long as that diaper isn't hurting your child or he/she isn't sitting in that diaper all day then don't judge.

Basically what I am saying (and I am guilty of it at times too) but do not judge or think you are a better parent or love your child more than the next mom because she does not parent like you do. If the child is safe, healthy, getting what he/she needs then who are you to judge and think you are superior. 

I get that this is a different post than the usual but this is MY blog and I have been thinking about it for a while and did not want to start a angry topic on my Facebook or debate. 

Thanks for listening. 

See you in the next post . . .


amazing as ever

Friday, February 3, 2012

Life has been amazing since hubby has been home from his deployment.  Yes their has been getting use to another person in the house (that moves stuff without asking and makes mama mad) but it has been great having an extra helping hand with baby. So, lets catch you up on whats been going on. . . 

Baby has just discovered he can pick up and eat food which sometimes ends up with his fist in his mouth trying to get his snacks off his hand.  It is very entertaining and he can get about 70% of it gobbled up. 

Today, we almost got the whole collection of Yo Gabba Gabba completed (without Toodee). Baby threw Muno on the ground haha his favorite is Plex then Brobee. He adores this show (like sits there ignoring the world adore/obsessed).

Hubby finally got around to emptying out his footlocker and baby and I thought we would help but just ended up playing around and taking pictures and making more of a mess.

So, what a great day 01312012 was :)! I wake up to find hubby bought me Photoshop CS5 (which I only told him the night before I really wanted)!! I've been obsessing over it and trying to learn new things asap! Also, I put my big girl panties on and decided I should just TRY these brussel sprouts I got from my Bountiful Basket (look at earlier post to see what an amazing deal that is).  Little did I know brussel sprouts will rock your socks off! First, I just added some olive oil, onions, cut in quarters brussel sprouts, salt, and pepper and sauteed them and added some bacon (not even needed but who doesn't love bacon) and AMAZING!!! Never would I try that without the push of BB at my side. 

This is my amazing loving family that hubby and I created (some not literally I mean it's our doggies). I am testing my remote control for my camera so that is why I look so crazy haha, Lainey bug (yellow lab) is just bored out of her mind like shes so deprived, Cosmo (black lab/border collie) is posing like the model he is, and my hubby is in the kitchen grubbing on some sort of treat, and baby is munching on his snacks that he's pretty pro at.  Moments like these make me sit back and make me realize how grateful I am to have a family and one that loves me as much as I love them. 

Today we ventured out to Wall Drug (since I wanted to do a bit of sight seeing before we PCS'd) and it was not what I expected, but it was fun to do something out of the ordinary. I love just to spend time with the family doing the unknown and seeing where it takes us.

That is it for now, but stay tuned because tomorrow I get my next Bountiful Basket and this time I get to volunteer since hubby is home to take care of baby I can help out with this wonderful "business".

See you in the next post. . .