7+ month update

Thursday, December 11, 2014

7+ month update.


sleeping beauty  |  Mila learned duck face and blowing raspberries


clearly excited about her new outfit  |  we sure miss this guy

My sweet husband and their awesome dad sent us treats for Halloween!


My sweet skeleton.

My little Halloween babies.


so cute sleeping  |  loving her jammies


she makes sleeping look so good


Loi Krathong festival was not that interesting for Mila


nursing streches  |  she takes up a huge amount of my king size bed

this is the cutestest thing ever. she feels like such a 
big girl and to be next to her brother is just bliss for her.


um... brother whatcha watching?  |   wearing shoes for the first time from great Aunt Jessica


ready for the day  |  and it is nap time


mmm...socks  |  the sweetest thing ever.

Finally this sweet outfit from Mila's tete Tasha fits..sort of


brother went to the dentist and got a prize  |  so I had to try it on


but why is Louis sleeping? I wanna play!  |  I love double seats in carts


Santa... come's in our house?  |  little miss and all her toys


maxin and relaxin  |  now that is passed out boobmilkdrunk


baby proofed  |  big tree and my babies


this chick. 

7 month old beauty.

and here comes the plus....


I secretly love going to Publix just for these carts!


my sweet husband strikes again  |  little miss can pull herself up now!


I love when she falls asleep on me  |  I heard there was turkey??

My turkeys.

Tis the season


watching brother play.

Sid the Elf is back.


They both got chairs but Mila would rather share with her brother, Louis not so much.  |  How much does shipping charge to send us to daddy?

getting by.

the saddest sweetest thing.  whenever she gets  a chance she crawls to this hallway 
and waits at the door and claps and says dada.


Umm mom can you get her?  |  Louis did the daddy one 3 years ago and 
Mila did the mommy one this year :)


Look ma no hands  |  stunna shades


first time just swingin  |  my babies

This is her brother's Jake. This is Mila's boyfriend.
She lights up when she see's him and crawls very fast over to him and they cuddle.

even when my world is filled with craziness, I have them.


You are 20 lbs. I do not not know how tall you are since you haven't been back to the doctor but you are in 9 month clothing still and can start to fit some 12 month clothing.


You are super healthy and you love to eat and extremely love to drink water.


You eat most things that are soft and you are successfully still breastfeeding.


You have days you nap for what seems forever but is in reality just an hour (which is still huge for you) and some days you nap for 20 minutes which gives mom a break to do house work. Sleep at night changes but you just co sleep with me still and nurse 1-3 times at night.

  • You crawl so fast
  • You can sit up successfully
  • You still have no teeth
  • You are starting to pick things up with your hands and can sometimes make it into your mouth
  • You flail your arms and legs when getting a diaper change
  • You hate not being able to see me
  • You do not like it when I leave the room
  • You are obsessed with being in the water
  • The only show you show interest in is Bubble Guppies
  • You always try to crawl over to the dogs and hang out with them
  • When you see the iPad you instantly get happy because you want to Skype with daddy
  • whenever you see Louis' door open you crawl straight in there to play with his toys

until next time. . .