Christmas Wish List | 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Last year I shared our wish lists and I decided to do it again.
I am not saying every gift will be received but I like to share
idea's if anyone is stumped and come across this, it could possibly
help them. 

2DS  |  Bat Bot  |  Food Kit  |  Capt Sweater  |  Home

Minion Set  |  Ultron  |  SpiderMan  |  DinoWorld  |  Book

And a Family Gift

Hope I helped.

Until next time. . .



The most important thing that has happened is

we are done with a year long deployment/tour.

Other exciting things:

We took a long awaited vacation to Tampa
and bought a new

SUV for me because before he left we traded in my SUV 
so he could get a truck which I drove and am over driving for a year.

Also, we got to take our first kid free OVER NIGHT date night since Mila has been born

Picture for proof.

Hubby got promoted.

Sadly my bff (who I wish we spent more time together 
while she was here) went back to Japan.

I can not wait to get back into blogging and more photos and stories to share.
Thanks for still following if you are reading this.

Stay tuned for my family "wish lists" for this year.

Until next time. . .