Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I did not forget about you.
I just neglected you for a little while.
First off. Baby got sick, then mommy & daddy got sick. Mommy (me) took foreverrrrr to feel better. Then I was in a funk and didn't want to do anything. . . at ALL. Hubby was SO caring and loving. Now today my mother in law came to town and it really jump started me to get back in the groove of things. I need to finish editing a newborn session. I feel it definitely as not my best work and I feel bad because I was (in the funk at the time) and I feel like I could have done better. But practice does make ... better and that is all I can hope to achieve. Anyways, on to other news. 
Baby is .... acting much more.... crazy.. that is not really the word I am looking for. More of ...he has been going on a tantrum craze. NOT EVEN JOKING! You go and get him socks and he flips crap on you. You don't give him a cookie (his favorite word and snack) and he loses his sh*t! You take off his shoes so he can play in the play zone in the mall and he falls down to the ground and throws a level 10 tantrum. Lately he screams bloody murder if you put him down for a nap or for the night. Two times in the past week he hasn't even taken a nap! AND MOMMA AIN'T READY TO GIVE UP THOSE NAP TIMES! I know he is growing up but ... this tantrum thing bites. I am trying to learn more patience and understand why baby acts out but it is quite a challenge.
Another thing that is out of the norm is the fact that I have had some big cases of insomnia! I sometimes get it but this has gotten bad. A few nights I go to lay down and toss and toss and turn for like 2 hours and then give up and next thing you know its 4 AM and I am cursing in my mind that this is gunna suck come morning when baby wakes up and mama wants to sleep. 

Anyways I think that is enough of catching up and overloading you with the problems of my life.
Sweet dreams.
I hope.

Until next time. . .