11 month update

Friday, March 27, 2015


new shirt from old navy  |  she makes the funniest sounds


baby feet equals happiness  |  these two have my heart


when you stay up all night you pass out and look cute  |  cuties laying on a pillow


whatever you do, don't tell Mila no  |  hanging with cousin Jaxon


well, she can get on the chair  |  aren't they so adorable?!


dressed to impress  |  what?


Spider-Girl  |  Yard Helpers


Pool Day  |  Miss Independent


Day in the sun = nap on mommy  |  #momlife


tried the carrier on my back for the first time with her. She enjoyed it.


I mean can we just take a moment for all this cuteness!

11 month old Mila


I haven't got to weigh you yet but you are in 12 months clothes but you can still fit in some 9 month.


For the most part you are healthy but this past month you have had your fair+ share of allergies. Poor girl has just accepted she has to get nose wiped so many times a day.


You are still nursing, you like chicken, not so much beef, noodles, rice, bread, crackers, anything sweet, and love your Plum pouches.


You have slept through the nights a couple nights but usually you still wake up 1-2 times a night to nurse or play.

  • YOU TOOK STEPS! usually 2-3 but the most is 5-6
  • You can play peek a boo
  • You can blow kisses
  • You have the cutest wave
  • You light up when Louis comes in the room
  • You love to brush your... gums since you still have no teeth
  • You love to swing the day away at the park
  • You like to climb in Louis' chair even though you have the same one
  • You got your tv in the car and love it
  • You can not wait till your daddy comes home
  • You only say mama when you need something otherwise its dada or some gibber jabber

        Until next time. . .