Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet pea!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am just amazed how you have grown, learned, and over come so many obstacles in life already. You make being a mother, parent, and a role model so much fun. Your laughter picks me up when I have a bad day, you keep me going when I have no energy left, and I am just so lucky to be your mother! 
I love you baby boy! xoxo

Until next time. . .

Time slipped away.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I know. I know.
It has been far too long! What has happened lately? 
We went to an Easter event which was Awesome!!! They dropped eggs from a helicopter, then on actual Easter we did a little egg hunt for my baby boy and he did pretty well. He got a Mr. Potato head and he loves that toy (still) which is pretty good for a kid and a toy. 
Then I was so jealous because my sister and her kids drove all the way from NY to FL to visit family and then she "surprised me" (I say surprised in quotations because my mom pretty much gave it away, but she also surprised my mom). That was fun! 
Then I went with two photographer friends, one of their kids, and my little guy and took some pictures near blue bonnets. (a Texas must). 
We recently went to a base kids festival which was fun and baby won some prizes and hubby volunteered to watch the bounce house.
This past Sunday my little guy had his 2nd birthday party which I think went okay and was just enough time for the kids (which most of them were 2). He got lots of presents and cake and it was just a great time.
His Nana and Great Grandma got him a Trampoline (jealous. lb. weight goes up to 100).
His Grandpa got him some sweet clothes.
His Grammie got him, his FIRST pair of Rainbow sandals and a DJ Lance Rock Plush and more on the way she said.
Tomorrow is his birthday. We have a little (nothing special) smash cake from the commissary to smash into at 9:58 tomorrow (his special time he came into the world). Then we will wait till hubby/daddy comes home and he will get to see his 2 other presents we held a side for his birthday. (t-ball and some sesame street characters that were pretty hard to find) and then we will get ice cream and go to Walmart so he can pick out a toy!
This Friday I am pumped because for some reason Military.com decided to host Military Spouse BUZZ here.... which is weird because it is such a small town but they only choose 4 bases a year. So, for that I am thankful. It should be fun. Hubby took off the day to spend it with baby and so I could go.
That pretty much catches you up. Time for pictures.

Until next time. . .