Let us catch up!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sorry I have been MIA. The holidays were great. My birthday was amazing. Hubby has been on leave and baby and I have been soaking up the time together.
Recently we've been doing family walks a couple times a week at a KOA location. I enjoy it a lot and feel better afterward.
Last Thursday baby and friend had a little photo shoot with mommies friends and their kids. I'll post pictures towards the end.
Then on Saturday we went to our neighbors for some amazing food and to watch a UFC fight. Little did I know baby would have A HUGE crush on an older girl (I thinks he was maybe 10-12) [everyone is older than him basically]. He kept kissing and hugging her. (TOTALLY NOT READY FOR THAT). Anyways. Let's catch up on photos.


Little guy got a truck.

"Birthday" Cake aka Lava Crunch Cake from Domino's.

My Birthday Present.


Great movie.

Supporting the base Annual Awards by eating at Chick Fil A.

Feeding the greedy ducks.

Hubby & Baby.
<3 melts my heart.

Valentine's Day/Mini Shoot

Until next time. . . 

Gorgeously Grunge.

I had the honor again, of photographing Selena along with friends. She wanted to do a grunge themed shoot and it was a very chilly day, but she was a trooper and much fun!
Here are some of my favorites.

One of my favorites. 

Until next time. . .

Practice makes perfect.

Friday, January 11, 2013

This months meeting of a photography group I am in, we had the amazing chance to learn, use equipment I could only dream of having, and photograph an amazing model. The model actually is a model and a photographer and married to one as well. I learned so much and got to experiment with flashes, and equipment of that sort since I usually just use natural light!

Here are some of the photos I did!

Until next time. . .

Better late than never

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Luckily, we were fortunate to get snow (after Christmas) but nonetheless in the middle of no where Texas we got snow! I made sure I got a picture of baby in it because the last time we had snow was last year in South Dakota and he was 9 months old. He still didn't care for it. He looked around at it and didn't even touch it. But I got some adorable pictures of him! 

Giggly boy!


Until next time. . .