11 month update

Friday, March 27, 2015


new shirt from old navy  |  she makes the funniest sounds


baby feet equals happiness  |  these two have my heart


when you stay up all night you pass out and look cute  |  cuties laying on a pillow


whatever you do, don't tell Mila no  |  hanging with cousin Jaxon


well, she can get on the chair  |  aren't they so adorable?!


dressed to impress  |  what?


Spider-Girl  |  Yard Helpers


Pool Day  |  Miss Independent


Day in the sun = nap on mommy  |  #momlife


tried the carrier on my back for the first time with her. She enjoyed it.


I mean can we just take a moment for all this cuteness!

11 month old Mila


I haven't got to weigh you yet but you are in 12 months clothes but you can still fit in some 9 month.


For the most part you are healthy but this past month you have had your fair+ share of allergies. Poor girl has just accepted she has to get nose wiped so many times a day.


You are still nursing, you like chicken, not so much beef, noodles, rice, bread, crackers, anything sweet, and love your Plum pouches.


You have slept through the nights a couple nights but usually you still wake up 1-2 times a night to nurse or play.

  • YOU TOOK STEPS! usually 2-3 but the most is 5-6
  • You can play peek a boo
  • You can blow kisses
  • You have the cutest wave
  • You light up when Louis comes in the room
  • You love to brush your... gums since you still have no teeth
  • You love to swing the day away at the park
  • You like to climb in Louis' chair even though you have the same one
  • You got your tv in the car and love it
  • You can not wait till your daddy comes home
  • You only say mama when you need something otherwise its dada or some gibber jabber

        Until next time. . . 

        10 month update

        Wednesday, February 25, 2015


        Louis & Mila  |  Cutie in her Milk & Baby onesie and From Gabby's Closet mocs


        Bath muggin  |  get out ALL the toys


        Lainey & Mila  |  Spring Clothes


        You are an adorable 22lbs.


        Amazing. You had allergies for most of the month but the humidifier helped a bunch. You are such a healthy bundle of joy.


        You love noodles and bread. You love sweet things and will try just about anything. You are still nursing strong and find comfort in it as well.


        You are sleeping SO much better. You tend to sleep 5-10 hours straight depending on that day's events. You take two naps a day usually and you love falling asleep in your car seat and you stay asleep longer in it as well.

        • You walk along everything
        • You can hold your self up for about 5-7 seconds
        • You took one step
        • You do duck lips
        • You can wave hi and goodbye
        • You like to turn off the lights when you leave a room (with help)
        • You love samples at Sam's Club
        • You like to dump out anything in a container
        • You pull everything off any shelf you can
        • You love playing peek a boo
        • If their is a tower of any sorts you have to knock it down

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        Spring Picks.

        Saturday, February 14, 2015

        1  |  2  |  3

        4  |  5  |  6

        Target is doing a President's Day sale right now (2/14/15) and on select clothes you get 20% off. I jumped on it because I went to target the other day and loved some of the Spring dresses they had but ... mama don't pay full price. So I picked out some items (pictured above) and got my little Mila some Spring clothes! I can't wait to get them!
        P.S. those shorts. If I am right which I hope I am, are the same material as her jeggings that I am in LOVE with and they fit so perfect on her. So I ordered the shorts version. . . sheggings/shorggings?? lol 

        Until next time. . .

        9+ month update

        Thursday, January 29, 2015

        9+ month update.


        Mommies BFF daughter is Mila's BFF  |  Only way she would sleep


        stuff like this melts my heart  |  this girl.


        Girl, stole my look  |  singing mommy happy birthday


        First time falling asleep in the jumper  |  Brother pushing me in the swing


        self explanatory  |  pretty girl.


        how did I get so lucky  |  gives zero f^cks. basically trying to get popcorn.


        love her so much  |  sleepy bum

        She does this face about 50x a day and I love every time she does it!!!


        who the hell falls asleep like this on someone..... Mila does

        no smiles for you mom. this is all you get. 9 months old.

        39 weeks in & 39 weeks out.


        Louis, do you wanna play?  |  helping me lift 41 lb weights. 


        You are 20 lbs 8 oz, 27.5 inches long, and your head.... well thats in the 99 percentile range. You are in 9-12 month clothing. 9 month pants are too short but the onesies fit fine. 


        Still nursing. You love cherrios, rice, and noodles. No teeth yet. (mommy isn't complaining). You love "brushing your teeth" when I brush brothers. TODAY. Yes 1/29 (daddy's bday) I had enough and put you in the crib sleepy but awake and you finally (after 20 minutes of fussy crying) fell asleep all by yourself!!!! Also you recently, you got pt. 1 of your flu shot.


        You like to feed your self for the most part. You do allow mommy and nana to feed you. You also like when Louis feeds you too. You are still nursing at 9+ months.


        You tend to fall asleep in the truck a lot. Like above stated you fell asleep in your crib (which I hope more of that is to come).

        • You crawl super duper fast
        • You pull your self up and walk along things well
        • You can walk with your walker (push walker)
        • You can whistle sometimes by accident
        • You still love crawling into your brothers room and wrecking it.
        • You love being outside (it hasn't hit summer yet in FL)
        • You mesmerized by the dogs
        • You LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath
        • You have a very do whatever I want personality and if you tell me no, I will smile and do it anyway
        • anything Louis says to you, you adore

        Until next time. . .