Monday, April 4, 2016

this is April.
& this month my son and daughter turn 5 & 2.
I feel so sad and happy at the same time.
I feel especially sad because I feel like since she will be two. I absolutely have no more babies. It's crazy and makes me miss those baby moments. We are pretty pretty pretty sure we are done having kids but part of me wants just one more. 
Anyways. Another thing about their birthdays is... they are born on the same day. Which still blows my mind because my sister and I were born on the same day three years a part and so are they. BUT. I was trying to prevent that oddly enough. We started trying for baby #2 in May 2013 and ended up pregnant in July 2013 and found out right when hubby was away at OTS. Then I get a due date and it's getting closer and closer to the end of my pregnancy and I told my husband it will happen on Louis' birthday and it was also job drop day (finding out where his next assignment will be) ... because everything else is on that day. and sure enough my water broke that day at lunch. 
Ha. what a rant on my daughters birth story. 
SO. right now that is where I am at.
Sad and happy that they are turning another year older.
Louis is so very smart and learning so much more each day.
Mila is so spontaneous and is such a mamas girl.
I love them so much and I can't believe how fast they are growing.
I am not remotely ready  for Louis to be attending elementary school this year and be gone most of the day!

thats the end of my rant.


Until next time. . .

back at it again.

Friday, March 4, 2016

very long time since I've come to this blog.
let's catch up.

we got our husband/father back from a very long military absence.

September 2015

We bought me a Highlander while visiting Tampa

AntMan and Princess Anna for Halloween 

October 2015

In November we took some Professional long over due family photos with all of us in it.

Classic shy-girl Mila face.

he is saying, "wait wait wait wait wait"

Fun Fact: This is how Mila use to sleep on her daddy's arm when she was a newborn.

We are all in this photo. You just can't see Mila's face and hardly her body because she was to busy climbing me.

We had the best Christmas because we were ALL home and near family!

and then we had an amazing New Years Eve

In January . . .

I had my last day as a 26 year old.

of course I spent it with JT.

My not so little guy anymore is excelling in PreK. He is learning and grasping everything so well.

While Mila is doing whatever Mila wants to do.

Next month on April 25th both my babies turn a year older.
I will have one FIVE and TWO year old. 
(insert tears and tears and buckets of tears)

oh yeah.
back in January.
We bought a house.
The house we've rented since I moved to FL while hubby was gone for a year.
We bought that house.

and while I signed all the papers.
Mila snored and snored and drooled on me while I just signed papers to buy a house.

Now it is March.
My son Louis is about to get his tonsils out next week and it is freaking me out due to the fact he has to be "put to sleep" for the procedure and he is only 4 and he is my baby and ugh.
Then yesterday I found out my daughter needs to wear a patch to correct her Strabismus.
I really pray and hope the patch works. Also, next month their might be a possibility that hubby might be gone for the kids birthday and it's a huge bummer.
But for now. right now.
My kids are pretty darn healthy and so very happy.
So today is a good day.

Until next time. . .