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Saturday, January 28, 2012

So, the reason I could only post to a certain day is because I wanted to make sure to keep certain people safe from coming home (OSPEC) and now I am happy to say they are HOME :) so my blog can resume in amazing fashion. Now, let me start where I left off and catch you up on some amazing news. 

I got my first Glam bag and I say it is well worth $10. The concealer is nice and so is the peel off mask. I liked to try out Wen but it wasn't what I expected (3rd time trying it). The nail polish is black and matte which is nice but I don't really wear black.

At last 6 months down and only at that time a week left of the deployment!!! 

Getting pretty excited that dada is coming home soon :) He has no clue really, haha, but mama is so excited to see how they interact with each other now that he's  9 months old! 

Only tried this like 2 times but I don't think it worked to well on runny nosed baby. 

Pretty excited for this Bountiful Basket because I got to share this with hubby finally :)

I swear blood, sweat, tears, and everything that could go wrong... has gone wrong with this quilt haha! Thank goodness I have had a friend to lead me with great guidance and direction to help me through this quilt making process. 

Today I got my Sephora box and Sonic for a rough day! The lip stuff was free for my birthday and let me tell you it is like butter on your lips!! Although it is like $22.50 for one full size! 

AT LAST!!!! The quilt is done! All I need to do is wash it (with a color catcher) and he can snuggle with this for years and years and so can his kids because this quilt took forever (what it seemed like) and it is homemade!

What an amazing day!!! Hubby finally came home and we are over the moon excited and happy! I had an amazing photographer capture so many great moments and she also previously captured baby's Halloween and 6 months photos! 

(isn't she so amazing?)
(pretty much!)

This guy is growing way to fast for mommy to handle! He learns something or does something new everyday I can not keep up!! 

Oh Hai Lainey! Baby has learned he can just about stand while leaning on anything now a days. He misses his jumper though, because most of the time when I hold him by the hand he jumps up and down. 

That brings us to today. He loves loves his Plex doll that dada bought him off Amazon for Christmas. Also, today mama got him a huge Brobee doll she spotted at Walmart for $13 bucks and knew baby would love to snuggle with. 

We are surely enjoying dada's RnR and time with us. Next week we plan to visit parts of the state before the big move later in late February. 

That's it for now, I'll catch you up in the next post.
See you in the next post...

here but not forgotten.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have not forgotten about this blog to say the least but for certain reasons I'll only post up till the 17th for now and then fill you in later :) So, let us get to it.

From what I remember it was most likely a jammies kind of day. Lately with the up and down weather here a lot of days are. Here is my baby and one of my labs checking each other out. :)

This amazing spouse friend crocheted this amazing B-1 blankie for baby and it smells amazing (why you ask? because she sells Scentsy and I totally just bought some tonight) -Vanilla Suede was the scent-. This is going to be one of those pieces that we will remember this base by and where we started are family. 

Got this nice baby feeding set (EcoSprouts) at Sam's (around $5 what a steal)  and by the way Louis is improving on sitting in the cart (A LOT!). If he's in a happy mood (full belly) then he'll sit and look around which helps a lot, sometimes when I don't feel like wearing him. (he is 23 lbs. thats a lot for an almost 9 month old). 

We'll just leave this as a surprise. For when it's done and all :) Just wanna thank Hobby Lobby for making this choice easier than I thought. 

Got my first items from Zoya today. Cute colors. I got them free ... well I paid 7 bucks for shipping which is sorta like a BOGO at the store for an OPI polish. 

Talk about a boring birthday. Little guy and I went to Safeway and then hit up dominos so this mama could get induced into a chocolate lava crunch cake coma. (well worth it) woo hoo 23 years old!

Today I did my version of salt n vinegar chips from the recipe (link if you click on salt n vinegar). I burnt more than half but that darn broiler is tricky. they were delish. 

That'll be it for now. I'll update you maybe at the end of next week :)

See you in the next post....

ready, set, goooooo

Sunday, January 8, 2012

day 6

This sweet pallete is the Urban Decay Naked2 pallete and how excited am I to get this! My wonderful Mother got this for me for my birthday present and while I do not have the 1st Naked pallete I do plan to get it, but the reason I got this one first is 1. it just came out and I know it will sell out eventually 2. we do not have Sephora here so I couldn't run and pick it up! I love the colors and tried them on today (01082012) and I am shimmering in Naked2 & I like it<3

day 7

This wonderful basket of joy like in my previous post is called a Bountiful Basket . It's amazing in so many ways, so let me list them!

1. THE PRICE, you get maybe $50 or more worth of FRESH (fresher than the commissary) fruits and veggies! It's only $15 bucks plus tax (more for your first basket since it requires a Co-op fee) 
2. It's like a surprise of food because you do not know what you are going to get and I personally think it will give you a chance to eat food you don't buy or to scared to try or never tried at all or heard of before. 
3. ITS FRESH! It is not frozen, it is not in a can or processed. It is how food should be eaten. 
4. It helps you meet people in your community, either when you volunteer or stand in line to get our basket.
5. Lastly, (there are more reasons but these are some of my top ones) it helps create a menu for you or your family. You get your basket on a Saturday and it can help you figure out what to feed your family during the week. 

day 8

Today, I got my hair done while my lovely deployment "husband" watched my baby. I won't post the picture just because I have to go back next Sunday to get it lightened up at the roots. So that is why today's Project 365 picture is a funny comic strip I came across in today's paper. I am happy about the color just not at the roots which is understandable because we highlighted new hair and old highlights but I like my cut, although it sorta makes me think I look like a kid or a "mom". I cut off 2 1/2 inches but she said I only had to cut off about an inch I wanted to get it all one length and cut as much dead crap I could without it being to short. It also was cheaper than I thought too which is always a bonus! 
That is it for now sorry so short.
See you in the next post...

Lazy days

Thursday, January 5, 2012

So, yesterday the 4th of January I got my brushes I ordered from Target (Daily Deals) and I love love love them. The brushes have sparkly handles and they are just amazing! They are the brand Sonia Kashuk and they are pretty darn cool. I love the Daily deals on Target or other sites such as, Baby steals, HauteLook *click that link to sign up*, and Zulily . Yesterday, I dropped off a gift and a baby shower present and caught up on whats been happening with a friend and then baby & I went to Micheal's and picked up a rotary set for a future project and that was about it.

So, last night... (well actually this morning) I painted half my nails *left hand* and I used these products. The color is pretty and I got it for free with my coupons. Tonight I'll finish up the rest of the nails. Today my two dogs, baby, and I headed to the dog park and it was pretty fun just because the dogs haven't had a walk in a while due to baby being sick and icky weather. Today it was in the 70's which is so unheard of! Tonight, baby will try carrots and we'll see how that goes. That's about it, I might go to Target tomorrow for another fun adventure.
See you in Post #5

Dog Park, my two doggies +another dog, & baby dreaming.

Best kind of day

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today was one of those good days! To start off the day I got two toys for Louis that I found on a classifieds page and only had to pay 4 bucks but I only had a 5 so I just gave them 5, but it was well worth it! Then we headed off to to the mall to hit up the Semi-annual at Victoria Secrets where I scored this cute eye shadow palette for only 3 bucks ... it was on sale for 13 but since I am an angel card member and my birthday 10 dollars was sent to me I got it for super cheap. Although, I am disappointed in the selection of make up on sale, seems to me like all the beauty products that were on sale was the lotions and perfumes. Anyways, I strolled down to Bath & Body works and hit up their sale for one last time since they took even more percentage off and scored some amazing deals. I got 3 make up bags (all the same, photo below) 2 for a Christmas present later this year for family and 1 for me, I got stuff to gift to a friend for helping me through this deployment with Louis and just around the house (she is my deployment husband since her hubby is deployed with mine as well) and I got her a cute cute cute bag, a lip topper she can add to her chap sticks that is a penguin (her face animal), a spray, travel lotion, and some anti bacterial stuff, and then for me I also got another travel lotion, and one more anti bacterial stuff for my car. I figured since I was in the mall and Louis was behaving I would go look at more stores and I found some stuff. I got this cute Ninja turtle backpack for my hubbys birthday so he can use it as a diaper bag. (I know coolest wife ever) Then I found an Eagles calender for half off and it is only January so ... its obviously still got time lol. Then we hit up the FAMOUS, WONDERFUL, TAKE ALL MY MONEY, & FANTASTIC.... Target! and boy did we hit some great deals! I got a photo album (which I have in red as well), a planner, personalized cards, just another cute set of cards, some baby shower gifts, Christmas colored ribbon, some cute decor for Louis' bedroom or bathroom when we move, Pantene replenishing mask (which I want to do a review on when I use it), the cutest frames to give to family for mother's and father's day, and only spent $50!!! :) Hope you had a great day like I did. 
See you on Post #4

new fave hair product

Monday, January 2, 2012

I adore this product so much! First off my mother in law got me the shampoo & conditioner, although I wanted to try the Moroccan brand, I'm glad she mixed it up because this Healing oil spray smells AMAZING! I put it on when I get out of the shower and before I straighten my hair along with heat protection spray. I already had the Macadamia repair conditioner and it worked okay (not amazing results for me) but with this product it smells great and isn't greasy and it does not weigh down my hair. 

Another thing I love so very much is Bountiful Baskets! I've only had two and I'm addicted, although it is a lot of food just for my son and I but soon it will be all devoured up by my husband once he returns. I am bummed because the closest one our next station is 2 hours away, but we are going to make the drive, because it is only twice a month and worth the drive! I am also excited because we can use WIC at the farmers market at our new station. HURRAY for fresh fruits and veggies! 

So far so good....
see you on post number 3

01012012 let the new beginnings start

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My littleBIG guy <3

My name is Stephanie and I figured as being a new mommy, coming up on the END (thankgoodness) of a deployment, and about to PCS and visit family (since 4 years ago) that I could document it. I'm going to try my best to keep up with it and continue to share my stories as well as keep up with this 365 picture thing. I'll be doing reviews, maybe even recipes (I am no chef! but I enjoy cooking). 
So, here it goes... Post #1.