here but not forgotten.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have not forgotten about this blog to say the least but for certain reasons I'll only post up till the 17th for now and then fill you in later :) So, let us get to it.

From what I remember it was most likely a jammies kind of day. Lately with the up and down weather here a lot of days are. Here is my baby and one of my labs checking each other out. :)

This amazing spouse friend crocheted this amazing B-1 blankie for baby and it smells amazing (why you ask? because she sells Scentsy and I totally just bought some tonight) -Vanilla Suede was the scent-. This is going to be one of those pieces that we will remember this base by and where we started are family. 

Got this nice baby feeding set (EcoSprouts) at Sam's (around $5 what a steal)  and by the way Louis is improving on sitting in the cart (A LOT!). If he's in a happy mood (full belly) then he'll sit and look around which helps a lot, sometimes when I don't feel like wearing him. (he is 23 lbs. thats a lot for an almost 9 month old). 

We'll just leave this as a surprise. For when it's done and all :) Just wanna thank Hobby Lobby for making this choice easier than I thought. 

Got my first items from Zoya today. Cute colors. I got them free ... well I paid 7 bucks for shipping which is sorta like a BOGO at the store for an OPI polish. 

Talk about a boring birthday. Little guy and I went to Safeway and then hit up dominos so this mama could get induced into a chocolate lava crunch cake coma. (well worth it) woo hoo 23 years old!

Today I did my version of salt n vinegar chips from the recipe (link if you click on salt n vinegar). I burnt more than half but that darn broiler is tricky. they were delish. 

That'll be it for now. I'll update you maybe at the end of next week :)

See you in the next post....


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