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Saturday, January 28, 2012

So, the reason I could only post to a certain day is because I wanted to make sure to keep certain people safe from coming home (OSPEC) and now I am happy to say they are HOME :) so my blog can resume in amazing fashion. Now, let me start where I left off and catch you up on some amazing news. 

I got my first Glam bag and I say it is well worth $10. The concealer is nice and so is the peel off mask. I liked to try out Wen but it wasn't what I expected (3rd time trying it). The nail polish is black and matte which is nice but I don't really wear black.

At last 6 months down and only at that time a week left of the deployment!!! 

Getting pretty excited that dada is coming home soon :) He has no clue really, haha, but mama is so excited to see how they interact with each other now that he's  9 months old! 

Only tried this like 2 times but I don't think it worked to well on runny nosed baby. 

Pretty excited for this Bountiful Basket because I got to share this with hubby finally :)

I swear blood, sweat, tears, and everything that could go wrong... has gone wrong with this quilt haha! Thank goodness I have had a friend to lead me with great guidance and direction to help me through this quilt making process. 

Today I got my Sephora box and Sonic for a rough day! The lip stuff was free for my birthday and let me tell you it is like butter on your lips!! Although it is like $22.50 for one full size! 

AT LAST!!!! The quilt is done! All I need to do is wash it (with a color catcher) and he can snuggle with this for years and years and so can his kids because this quilt took forever (what it seemed like) and it is homemade!

What an amazing day!!! Hubby finally came home and we are over the moon excited and happy! I had an amazing photographer capture so many great moments and she also previously captured baby's Halloween and 6 months photos! 

(isn't she so amazing?)
(pretty much!)

This guy is growing way to fast for mommy to handle! He learns something or does something new everyday I can not keep up!! 

Oh Hai Lainey! Baby has learned he can just about stand while leaning on anything now a days. He misses his jumper though, because most of the time when I hold him by the hand he jumps up and down. 

That brings us to today. He loves loves his Plex doll that dada bought him off Amazon for Christmas. Also, today mama got him a huge Brobee doll she spotted at Walmart for $13 bucks and knew baby would love to snuggle with. 

We are surely enjoying dada's RnR and time with us. Next week we plan to visit parts of the state before the big move later in late February. 

That's it for now, I'll catch you up in the next post.
See you in the next post...


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