Best kind of day

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today was one of those good days! To start off the day I got two toys for Louis that I found on a classifieds page and only had to pay 4 bucks but I only had a 5 so I just gave them 5, but it was well worth it! Then we headed off to to the mall to hit up the Semi-annual at Victoria Secrets where I scored this cute eye shadow palette for only 3 bucks ... it was on sale for 13 but since I am an angel card member and my birthday 10 dollars was sent to me I got it for super cheap. Although, I am disappointed in the selection of make up on sale, seems to me like all the beauty products that were on sale was the lotions and perfumes. Anyways, I strolled down to Bath & Body works and hit up their sale for one last time since they took even more percentage off and scored some amazing deals. I got 3 make up bags (all the same, photo below) 2 for a Christmas present later this year for family and 1 for me, I got stuff to gift to a friend for helping me through this deployment with Louis and just around the house (she is my deployment husband since her hubby is deployed with mine as well) and I got her a cute cute cute bag, a lip topper she can add to her chap sticks that is a penguin (her face animal), a spray, travel lotion, and some anti bacterial stuff, and then for me I also got another travel lotion, and one more anti bacterial stuff for my car. I figured since I was in the mall and Louis was behaving I would go look at more stores and I found some stuff. I got this cute Ninja turtle backpack for my hubbys birthday so he can use it as a diaper bag. (I know coolest wife ever) Then I found an Eagles calender for half off and it is only January so ... its obviously still got time lol. Then we hit up the FAMOUS, WONDERFUL, TAKE ALL MY MONEY, & FANTASTIC.... Target! and boy did we hit some great deals! I got a photo album (which I have in red as well), a planner, personalized cards, just another cute set of cards, some baby shower gifts, Christmas colored ribbon, some cute decor for Louis' bedroom or bathroom when we move, Pantene replenishing mask (which I want to do a review on when I use it), the cutest frames to give to family for mother's and father's day, and only spent $50!!! :) Hope you had a great day like I did. 
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