4 month update

Saturday, August 30, 2014

4 month update.
(a little late)


Sleepy girl.


Mila's first time in a real pool.

Nap time with brother.


14 & 15 weeks old.


Mommy & Mila waiting for Daddy & Louis to get back from TMNT | Just a smiley milk fed Mila

At the BX, every time she goes in the carrier her tongue is out the whole time.


16 week old Mila | Cutie bear


(My best friends daughter 2 months younger than Mila)

Mila's first time testing out her new crib I won from Project Nursery.


17 weeks old | My babies.

Happy 4 months old!!!


You are pretty much out of 3 month clothes and entering into all 3-6/6 month clothing. You reach almost out of the weight limit but you are on the short side.

Height - 22.91 in [13 percentile]
Weight - 15.5 lb [89 percentile]
Head Circumference - 16.54 in [81 percentile]


You are healthy, happy, and full of joy. It makes mama proud that you are getting all you need from me! I am so excited to be breastfeeding this long.


Feeding is going well! I am so excited to have gone this far. You are doing great!


You are an amazing sleeper and even lately you have been doing so much better in the car! I make sure you have a full tummy and you put your self to sleep with little to no crying at all which is a huge accomplishment! You still sleep 10 hours at night and are doing better with naps . 

  • You are sleeping in the car.
  • You aren't crying a lot in the car seat.
  • You are self soothing with sucking on your hand and playing with toys.
  • You love sleeping on/near mommy.
  • You notice when someone new comes in the room/speaks.
  • When you hear mommys voice you look around.
  • You love to look at peoples face.
  • You are following people when they eat with your eyes.
  • We tried mum mums and you don't care for them.
  • You are so adorable!
  • You are in size 3 diapers now. 

Until next time. . .