four five six month favorites

Monday, October 27, 2014

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1  |  This is one amazing chair. We actually used it for our 3 year old till our now 6 month old was able to use it. Nordstrom has an amazing bundle pack deal that actually saved us $150 (if we were to get each piece separate), this bundle has it all and matches our dining room table.

2  |  I love these spoons! They are in adorable shades, perfect size for feeding infant, has a cute little heart on it, and turns white when the food is too hot.

3  |  I love happy baby foods for my little ones. I love that it comes in brown rice instead of regular white rice. My little one loves it.

4  | These puffs are better than regular puffs and they have vegetable powder coating it rather than sweet fruits. Another Happy baby hit!

5  |  These H&M pants are a hit and they are always B2G1! Great for boys and girls.

6  |  This is an affordable and cute nursing cover I have been using since my baby was born!

7  |  This jumper is not only great for baby but lets mommy clean up the house, get ready for the day, and keeps baby entertained.

8  |  This is the best of both worlds for baby and mommy. Mila was moving around and kept rolling off the carpet. I didn't want her to hurt her self so this comes in handy! It also keeps all her toys together too! I love it because I can put her down and know that she is safe if I have to do something quickly! Plus it gives her freedom to roll around.

9  |  This is the best deal I've seen for these famous Sophie toys! You not only get one but two! My daughter actually prefers the plush version. She likes the rattle and the softness of it.

10  |  This Sakura Bloom Ring Sling has been on my mind for a while and I love it! It's so gorgeous and I am still getting used to it but I love how natural it feels to carry Mila but still be hands free.

Until next time. . . 

6 month update

Mila is 1/2 A YEAR OLD!
man how time flies.

Here is her update:

showing love to their grandpa and cousin's team.
[but they are raised Gator fans]


I think it is quite amazing how my babies that were inside me grow up and create their own personality. AMAZING.


23 weeks.  |  her whaaaa? face


this cutie.  |  teething.


miss new booty.  |  happy baby.

[missing daddy.]


fell asleep on me at OG.  |  24 weeks.


25 weeks.  |  Pumpkin patch & Sunflower fields.


miss chunky dunk.  |  she is getting growing so fast.


new jammies.  |  26 weeks.

6 months old.


You are 25.5 inches tall & 18.2 lbs. You are now in 6-9 month clothing.


You are a healthy, giggly, happy, silly, and daring baby. You are gaining weight and growing perfectly.


We are still going strong nursing. We have started you on solids. You like the happy bellies: brown rice cereal more than the earth's best Whole Grain Rice. You also like sweet potatoes and white sweet potatoes, you are not too fond of peas but we have to try it  a couple more times before we give up on them. 


You are doing so much better. You are napping way better in the car now. You sleep for 6-7 hours at a time at night then sleep the rest in my bed. You don't take long naps but you take about 3 naps a day which gives me a break. 

  • You can move fast
  • You can spin around
  • You are like an inch worm when you "crawl"/scoot
  • You started solids and were very eager to.
  • You can drink out of a straw.
  • You like to throw things and move your arm up and down a lot. (especially when you are about to fall asleep)
  • You fall asleep without crying in your car seat. (convertible)
  • You still droll a lot.
  • You like plastic noise.

Until next time. . .