5 month update

Friday, September 26, 2014

Holy Photo & update.


silly girl // 18 weeks old


19 weeks old // Fernbank Musem


Cuties. // 20 weeks old


Family on the Pier // Just chilling in her highchair

Someone got her ears pierced.
Pretty in Pink.


Room tour. 

Changed:// grey curtains hanged


pretty girl // mommy & me

21 weeks old.


Last photo with daddy for a while. . .

5 months old!!!

My babies.

22 weeks old.


You can fit some 6 months and some 9 months clothing. I weighed you and you are 17.5 lbs right now.


You are very healthy and happy. This doesn't have to do with health but you hate hate hate the car seat and so we switched you to the convertible so you could sit up more and also since daddy is leaving I feel better that he installed it. You seem to like it better.


Feeding is going great. I can't believe we are successfully breastfeeding this far! I am so excited and proud of you! You love to eat and you have entered the stage of being easily distracted and taking me with you.


You usually sleep pretty well but nights have become .... up in the air. One night you will sleep so much that I have to pump and other nights it's like you are a newborn. You don't like to nap in your crib during the day as much as you like to sleep on mama.

  • You love your jumperoo
  • You roll. . . a lot and fast
  • You drool... a lot
  • You keep trying to steal my drink
  • You are sleeping in your crib
  • You are in a convertible car seat now
You hate your mamaroo and bouncer because you just try to turn over in them

Until next time. . .