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Sunday, January 8, 2012

day 6

This sweet pallete is the Urban Decay Naked2 pallete and how excited am I to get this! My wonderful Mother got this for me for my birthday present and while I do not have the 1st Naked pallete I do plan to get it, but the reason I got this one first is 1. it just came out and I know it will sell out eventually 2. we do not have Sephora here so I couldn't run and pick it up! I love the colors and tried them on today (01082012) and I am shimmering in Naked2 & I like it<3

day 7

This wonderful basket of joy like in my previous post is called a Bountiful Basket . It's amazing in so many ways, so let me list them!

1. THE PRICE, you get maybe $50 or more worth of FRESH (fresher than the commissary) fruits and veggies! It's only $15 bucks plus tax (more for your first basket since it requires a Co-op fee) 
2. It's like a surprise of food because you do not know what you are going to get and I personally think it will give you a chance to eat food you don't buy or to scared to try or never tried at all or heard of before. 
3. ITS FRESH! It is not frozen, it is not in a can or processed. It is how food should be eaten. 
4. It helps you meet people in your community, either when you volunteer or stand in line to get our basket.
5. Lastly, (there are more reasons but these are some of my top ones) it helps create a menu for you or your family. You get your basket on a Saturday and it can help you figure out what to feed your family during the week. 

day 8

Today, I got my hair done while my lovely deployment "husband" watched my baby. I won't post the picture just because I have to go back next Sunday to get it lightened up at the roots. So that is why today's Project 365 picture is a funny comic strip I came across in today's paper. I am happy about the color just not at the roots which is understandable because we highlighted new hair and old highlights but I like my cut, although it sorta makes me think I look like a kid or a "mom". I cut off 2 1/2 inches but she said I only had to cut off about an inch I wanted to get it all one length and cut as much dead crap I could without it being to short. It also was cheaper than I thought too which is always a bonus! 
That is it for now sorry so short.
See you in the next post...


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