new fave hair product

Monday, January 2, 2012

I adore this product so much! First off my mother in law got me the shampoo & conditioner, although I wanted to try the Moroccan brand, I'm glad she mixed it up because this Healing oil spray smells AMAZING! I put it on when I get out of the shower and before I straighten my hair along with heat protection spray. I already had the Macadamia repair conditioner and it worked okay (not amazing results for me) but with this product it smells great and isn't greasy and it does not weigh down my hair. 

Another thing I love so very much is Bountiful Baskets! I've only had two and I'm addicted, although it is a lot of food just for my son and I but soon it will be all devoured up by my husband once he returns. I am bummed because the closest one our next station is 2 hours away, but we are going to make the drive, because it is only twice a month and worth the drive! I am also excited because we can use WIC at the farmers market at our new station. HURRAY for fresh fruits and veggies! 

So far so good....
see you on post number 3


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