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Monday, February 13, 2012

So, I reckon I should catch you up. Baby is teething, first I found one tooth and then another and then today (the 13th of February) I found a third! Poor guy. Anyways let us jump into some photos!

Another wonderful Bountiful Basket but their is a bonus. So since hubby is home I can volunteer (only twice since we are moving), but I had fun (even though the truck was late for the first time here). Sad thing I found out is (we ordered an add on which was a tropical basket which is pictured to the right of my conventional basket) we didn't get vanilla beans in ours but everyone else did. I just ordered today (the 13th of February) and I added on an Italian pack which I am excited to see what I get in there and will open at the site. I've learned my lesson! 

Superbowl Sunday. Giants (whom I wanted to win) vs. the Patriots. Babys first Superbowl and Daddy was excited to spend it with him since he missed babys first whole football season. We as a family dressed in our teams gear (the Philadelphia Eagles). We enjoyed the Dorito's commercial and the M&M one the most. I was surprised that I finally enjoyed the half time show (even though it didn't seem like she was singing live, you could actually hear music though. 

Here baby is doing many things. He tried freshly juiced apple juice (apples we got from our basket and daddy juiced on his Jack Lalanne). Then he sticks out his tounge (which he does a lot). Bottom left he is crawling (which is also does a lot and fast I might add). And lastly he is crying because he lets us know when it is time for beddy by. 

Now it has snowed this winter but with a baby and just me at home I waited for snow and daddy to be here at once to let baby touch and feel it for the first time. Let's just say I should have waited longer because baby did not like it one bit. 

Here my monkey boy is such a big boy acting like a teenager/adult slouching on the recliner and posing so cute in his playzone. I adore his new pj's I got from Target (Brand: Carter's) but the bottoms are too long/big.

I probably look like a totally creeper always taking pictures of baby while he is sleeping or of his feet but they are so cute and I want to take a lot of pictures of him and all my (future) kids as much as possible. Besides I have a digital camera so I am not paying for film so who cares! 

I'm sure he's been showing signs but on this particular day he let us know that he is teething so hear him ROAR! Poor fella has been teething on everything in site. 

Sooooo the most adorable thing happened on this day. I put him down with a bottle for a nap (I know I know don't give him a bottle before sleep but anyways) I went to get the bottle and check on him and I walk in and he is (how he got this I don't know I mean it was by his crib but I didn't think it was that close) cuddling daddy's deployment hat! My heart melted and I ran to get my camera and after two snaps he rolled over and did not want to share his dada's hat. I love that boy so much! 

Yesterday (since this photo was taken yesterday) I made a huge batch of brown friend rice with shrimp and chicken and it is and was yummmmay. Also, baby is teething like crazy and making the silliest faces while in the process of trying to bust them teef out! 

Doesn't he make any photo so much better? Today we went to catch up with a fellow spouse and her kiddos and I took some snap shots of her newborn (2 months already!!) I also curled my hair but I tried to curl it with out the clamp on my curling iron (sorta like the wand ones but ... not using a wand). I think I did okay today hehe :) As you can see baby is  still teething but I looked at his gums and I now see 3!! Poor guy he is taking it like a champion! 

Today we got some more info on our moving and we will probably be on the road the second week of March (thats what we are SO HOPING for). I can't wait to get this move over with because I have so much anxiety over it and finding a home to live in. Welp that is it for now.

See you in the next post . . .


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