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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time. Where are you going? So. . . next week we are PCSing for the first time (technically I guess it is our second but this is our first base "together") so I'll count it as our first). Anyways today we got the day they are coming to pack up our house and basically we decided the date we'll be driving out of this state! It's so crazy to think we are opening up a new chapter in our military fairy tale. Anyway PICTURES :)

So, baby had his Valentine shirt on but accidents happen that prevent baby from wearing these clothes without a wash (if yah know what I mean). Therefore this awesome shirt that says it all will do. As you can see dada is sad that he's not that cool.

I love love love this bead maze. I feel like he is really using his brain rather than a battery operated toy that goes off and scares you to death without being touched. 

On this special day I got to spend some much needed time with my friend Ashley. (you know military brings us together and separates us (by a lot of miles). Anyways we enjoyed lunch at Applebee's (yummy spinach salad and shrimp with bacon vinaigrette), went to the mall to find a dress (with a baby) for the Welcome home get together, stopped by a wonderful cookie place, got some raw milk and eggs for the family and she surprised me with my very own cute sock monkey! 

On this wonderful day I tried a recipe that I came upon on Pinterest. It's a THREE ingredient recipe and you just throw it in the crock pot . . . I think it was made for me haha. It's called crock pot chicken tacos and mMMMmm it's good and very very easy to make. Later that day hubby and baby read and played on the computer together. 

Oh yes my wonderful Bountiful Basket and sad to say my last one for who knows how long. The closest site to where we will be moving is about 2-2 1/2 hours away :( Hopefully I can open or help open up one when I get there. We ordered an add on which was an Italian pack and I like to have a challenge to find recipes to go with these amazing ingredients. Tomorrow (2/22/12) we'll be having some pizza with chicken, bacon, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, cheese, and olive oil. (let's just say its gunna be DElish). 

Mama scored! I don't go to Kohl's much just because it's sorta outta the way (where it's at here) and I'm glad I did because I scored all this wonderful stuff (Chap's) for less than $9 bucks for my cute little baby!

I feel like my little baby can finally wear some shoes and won't mind them that much. He's wearing his Timberland boots he got from one of his grandpa's and I must say he is mighty adorable!!! 

I love my hubby! He likes me to have a wishlist on Amazon for everyone (baby, dogs, me, and the house) and he ordered head rest dvd's for the long journey to Texas. Then today a dvd I've been wanting to see and a cd I've been wanting came in the mail :) What a guy <3 Also, woo hoo HauteLook! I got my primer potion which I've been wanting forever came in the mail. 

That's it for now. I hope to update before the BIG move! Also, I want to try my hardest not to forget a picture of the day! I've done AMAZING so far (my past record is not so HOT)! :) 

See you in the next post. . .


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