Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So, last week Hubby's squadron Commanders' wife put together a 3 & under playgroup for all the spouses and kids. I say spouses because mom's need to have adult talk sometimes too [ or we might go craaazZZy ]. Anyways, so today our group met again and I love it. I feel like baby needs to get to know other kids his own age (which about 4 of them are either a month older or younger or basically weeks within his age range). I decided to take my camera this time to give the ladies some photos and sort of show other spouses that are afraid to get out there (in our squadron). That's about all we've done so far today.  We are about to make our rounds to give our "Welcome to your new Home" gifts to the two sweet ladies.  Here are the pictures I took. 

[ isn't she adorable ]

Until next time. . . . .


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