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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, two girls I recently met moved into our neighborhood and I am settling into "homemaking" (HA!) Anyways they seem super nice and they are permanent party (we are at a training base) so that's sometimes hard to come by. I wanted to do something nice for them and got my inspiration from here. I was like awesome idea. So I set out to one of my favorite stores TARGET! They are both mostly the same with one thing different. Let's look at the items.

1. Something to put the items in.
I picked up a bucket at first in the dollar section [you know the "target trap" they put at the front of the store] but later went back for a smaller item to put all the goodies in and got a colander. This was only $1.

2. Soap (Lavender *snifffffffffffffff*)

3. Ibuprofen for all of the unpacking, dealing with TMO and the moving company, finding things broken or missing. . . just the normal stuff in a PCS.

4. An air freshener to get that nice new smell in your new home.

5. In one of them neighbors gift I put a ADORABLE appetizer plate that was $1.49. I thought this was so fitting seeing as she is photographer. [A great one at that, she is taking our Christmas card photo later this year].

- The other neighbors something extra is a cute pop-up calendar. 

6. And of course a Home Sweet Home! Best of Luck in your new nest card :)

I also bought air freshener for my house and crayons to do some melted crayon art for a Christmas present and only spent under $22 bucks!

[other neighbors gift]

In other news my little guy has turned into Superman! 

Superman plays with toys.

Superman reads books

Superman is adorable

He also plays with doggies.

Reach for the stars Superman!

Until next time . . . .


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Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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