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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I should try to keep up with this. I have been trying Pinterest inspired things lately (recipes and crafts). Anyways I'll just catch you up in Photos. :)

My June Glam Bag

Lovely walks with the boys.

Snack time. 

Let me check for cavities. 

oh... hey mom.

so delish.

baby sleeps.

Happy Father's Day dad!

soooo cute!

The first time in the pool!


oh..did you wanna play with this?

here ya go. 

Happy 4th of July guys~

Pinterest inspired. 

Finally Rain!!!!

wake up from nap and eat watermelon.

Got my Grovia swim diaper!!!

got me a smashbook! can not even wait!

comparison from baby 2011 4th of July and 2012.

Until next time. . . .


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