little mister is a model for me

Monday, July 30, 2012

So. Today was a relaxish day. Baby and I went to a neighbors house and hung out. Then baby was throwing a bit of a fit. [I think due to teething]  Anyways before we left she gave us a YUMMY pumpkin chocolate chip muffin that was so delicious. Baby then took a nap and I made a flier for my MIL's work and when he woke up I got the snapping on my camera. He attacks me in smiles and literally attacks me when I pull out of the camera. Anyways that's all about what was going on today. 

Here are the photos I got.

Isn't he handSOME.

Hanging out with my Florida Teether.

Oh yea. 

Just reading a book.

Oh & watching the Olympics.

This is his real reading face and add some heavy breathing.

The End.

Until next time. . . . 


Daniela said...

Love, love, love these :) You're going to have problems when he starts school ;)

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