Saturday, July 28, 2012

So I joined a local photography of [city I am in] on facebook page and today they had a photo-walk. [I haven't heard of one of these before butttt. I was intrigued and it is self explanatory of just what it is.] Also, it meant I got to go out of the house ALONE and with two friends that were there too. [one I rode with]
Anyways, I will include the pictures at the bottom but after the photo walk the friend I rode with and I went to a yummy restaurant and got alone mommy/adult time. [which was of course much needed] and now I just got done editing photos and about to call it a night soon.


so this looked great in person [imo] I thought it was a weird placement seeing as it is under a bench but I liked it so I shot it. 



I loved and loved and loved the placement of this "IT'S UP TO YOU" as it is behind the ladder. what a great quote/saying.

rusty part of the train.

railroad crossing sign.

I personally really liked this train because of the chevronny feel it gave me.

My gorgeous friend and buddy I rode with.

Isn't this old rusty truck a beaut?

Nice headlights. :P

so much detail.

great spot for a shoot.

She's a trooper. It was like 100 [no joke] and she still was willing to pose for me.

Windmill love at sunset.


ahh I just like windmills. especially the old looking ones.

sunset setting. . . . 

Like my all time favorite spot I found today because I just picture a 9 month pregnant lady there holding her beautiful bump. 

Until next time. . . . .


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