Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today was pretty . . . plain.
Woke up.
We went to play group and there was 2 other mom's there [two were out of town & two didn't show up]. One mom left because her kid was "not having it" and then there was two. Then I went to the commissary with baby and it was okay. [only a couple screams]
Then he came home and took a nap which I followed and did the same.
He got up and we hung out and watched the Olympics and that was fun.
He was very hyper and jumping all over me and wanting me to throw him in the air and stuff like that. We ate mac n cheese and chicken nuggets. you know the kid kinda dinner night.

Tonight I came across this awesome site that has awesome deals on party stuff and just cute items!
They are also running a giveaway for a $100 gift basket [ here ].
&& just check out their awesome deals on their site.

Tomorrow. Well. . . I guess you would say today my friend's dog gets to meet my doggies and I hope it goes well. I hope they get along and can have future play dates.

In other news.
I ordered curtains last night.
[ From Target : I ordered 3 (in brown) because of the stupidly weird sized windows we have here ]
I can't wait for it to come and I also can't wait for the couches to come and either can baby because he was awkwardly laying on the recliner and he would have laid on the couch comfortably.

That's it for now.
Rant over.

Until next time. . . .


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