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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This blog post will be about a wishlist that hopefully will come true.
Photos of who else. . . baby.
and other stuff.

First off anyone want to redo my blog or know of any good BUT not expensive designers? I royally screwed mine up; it actually has two different layouts on it and I have no clue how to fix it.
On to other things.
I'll be going to Florida hopefully next week. HOLY CRAP it is sorta hitting me right now.
Anyways they have stores that they don't have here so I've done some web browsing and these are the current things I want to try on and maybe buy. I like most people are trying to redo their wardrobe or change their style. Here are links and pictures of the ones I'm hoping to get!
[Also, I want to pick out two or three shirts for hubby, baby, & I to wear for Fall/Christmas Card photo shoot]!

From WetSeal.

From Buckle.

[also looks like Gators colors]

From Forever 21.

[btw this is my #1 thing I want to try on. idk how it will look on me but I LOVE IT!]

From Forever 21.

From Forever 21.

[love the color blocking]

So, I emailed myself these links so I can go to the store and be like WHERE THIS AT!?!?! HA!

Yesterday baby was AN ANGEL! Played great and was just a bundle of joy! Today was another story. If you can wake up on the wrong side of the crib. . . THIS baby did! But only at home! I went for a walk with a friend and he was happy and quiet. But not at home. NO no NO. He cried then giggled then threw a tantrum all for no reason. Therefore I texted my friend to see if she wanted to do something. .  ANYTHING. & then we went to a awesome park she knew of that was all around my babies height range. Afterwards I asked if she wanted to get a snack/lunch and we went to a busy (around lunchtime so expected) little hole in the wall restaraunt and it was okay and very filling! Then I came home and put baby to bed and got my tripod which I have not unboxed yet but it was just so I had a tripod for my DSLR. Off subject I have a package (idk of what) waiting from FedEx at the apartment office so we will see what it is when hubby picks it up on the way home.

Okay here are some pictures of recent events.

Just eating my Kix & milk, mom!

Daddy basically begged for a basketball set for baby, but it is way to big for him right now... so I guess daddy has to put it to use.

Watch out NBA, baby in the house!

This guy is too cool and so funny!

Too silly.

I am just amazed how much he has grown and how independent he is already!

Makes ya smile, doesn't he?

Until next time. . . .


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