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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not much has been going on lately.
Slowly but surely packing.
[If you didn't know BABY & I are going to on a little vacation back to my home in FLORIDA].
MIL is driving out and hanging out (with Hurricane Issac aside hoping not to mess up our plans) and then helping me drive to FL.
Praying and hoping baby will be good and love mommy enough to not make me go insane because it is 15 hours there and back!
Anyways not many photos have been taken but the ones on Instagram so I will post those below.
I am hoping that MIL can watch baby so hubby and I can go out and watch a movie.
On to other news, finally!!! this week has arrived because baby has had a mole since he was born and it has gotten bigger therefore it needs to be seen by a dermatologist. But being in such a small town they are ALL BOOKED or not seeing any NEW clients. So, the EARLIEST (I am talking we've been waiting about 3-4 months) we could get an appointment was this Thursday and that was due to a cancellation. This Thursday we will be traveling about 2 hours to a dermatologist in Abilene and hopefully check out Dyess AFB because that is the other B-1 base (we were at Ellsworth AFB, SD prior to here and this is where all the B-1 pilots train). Anyways let's get down to pictures.

One of my amazing Aunts and I chatted (she is an artist) and I had told her my favorite flower is a Sunflower and she painted this beautiful picture for me!

And to my surprise she included these beautiful cards she also created!

Lately when I make "spaghetti" I make it with mini penne pasta so baby can  pick it up and eat it/make a mess easier. I make it in a huge batch with squash and zucchini in it so we can have a couple days of lunch/dinner.

More please mommmmm!

My mom got this for baby when he was little-er.
Even though it doesn't fit I loved this "look" because when my sister and I were younger we use to wear big shirts to bed and it just  brought back memories and a huge smile to my face!

Little man got a truck today!

So, when we went on a walk with the dogs he played with the rocks and his new toy.

But, he preferred to play by his self and investigate other things.

That is it.

Until next time. . . . 


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