picture time.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Remember those play date photos.
Well I edited and am ready to show some.
I really want to do this again with more kiddos. I don't have a big home but it is a nice sized living room.  I love the adult talk time, because most days it is just baby and I talking to each other and that is very limiting.  Plus it always nice for baby to be around kids and see how they act and maybe even learn something.
I will be traveling home with baby in September so maybe one more this month I can arrange a get together and just chat or maybe it will have to wait till October.

Speaking of October >>>this mama right here is ready for fall. Texas is HOT HOT HOT. && I am so over the 100++ degrees [even though I feel for the military members fighting for our country in these hot climate with loads of weight on their shoulders and hearts].
I feel like baby and I can't go out for more than a certain amount of time just because the sun is beating down on him turning him red as an apple.
Plus I have been pining Fall recipes & decorations and can not even wait to put things up :)

okay. okay. okay. pictures.

The two other boys are a friends of mine.


I love that his hair sticks up.

again. the hair.

He always caught me when I took a picture.

I am telling you right now. This kid will be a genius.

This photographer and friend is amazing! 
&& you can find here amazing site [ here ].

Just gunna call some ladies up, okay mom?

Some awesome dudes playing together.

OH! The magic of Photoshop!

Until next time. . . . .


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