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Friday, August 10, 2012

Today was filled with fun and stuff.
Start off with this morning. Two great friends came over and we chatted and took photos [photos to come] of baby and one of the friends two kids. Another mom was suppose to come but her schedule has gotten hectic and she has twins so no explanation needed. I plan to do it again later [photos not required but always fun] just because being a SAHM or even a military spouse or even just any girl needs some girl time!!! So after that I ran some errands, picked up American Reunion at Red Box for hubby and I to watch tonight, and came home. Baby went and napped and I caught up on stuff. We then planned to go to the pool but it was closed ONCE again :( so we walked around and played on the playground. Later on I found this awesome BLOG. It is hilarious to me and just a good read and blog. 

Here are some videos she put up/found that were quite funny. 


I have seen this before but it is still funny. :)

& since I do not have any pics uploaded from today I'll leave you with some instagrams over the past week(s).

This morning here he is.

and mama...?

  Wednesday 8/8

a boy. his dog. and the rain.

 Wednesday 8/8

scary face.

  Wednesday 8/8

waiting for dada to come home.

Until next time. . . .. 


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