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Sunday, March 2, 2014

[photo: 31 weeks & 1 day]

How far along: as of right now 31 weeks & 4 days
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: Not totally sure but enough
Maternity clothes: yep.
Stretch marks: No new ones.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: some nights are better than others
Best moment this week: Hubby said we are going to Ikea this weekend coming up
Worst moment this week: at my last appointment, I told my OB that I had some tightness feeling and just felt like I was going to explode. She checked me and I am dilated to a 1cm already. She said to take it easy and bed-rest when possible (she knows I have an almost 3 year old). I felt better most of the week but these past two days the tightness and out of breath feeling has been coming back. 
Miss anything: my bladder & my moms cooking (40ish days till she is here)
Movement: yes, pretty sure she is a black belt already
Cravings: Thai food, I can not stress how excited I am for my moms arrival
Looking forward to: my next appointment to hopefully be told she's staying put, Ikea trip, and my baby shower [it has been fun helping plan for it]

Other photos:

I got my spring candles from Bath & Body Works and was excited to find a candle called [ The Sunshine State ] Florida Fresh (seeing as that is where hubby and I are from) 
P.S. it smells amazing!

I love making sandwiches and lately this strawberry salad (with sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, mixed greens, strawberries, raspberry vinaigrette, and sometimes walnuts)
Also, obsessed with my new drinking cup found [ here ].

Last night I made sockeye salmon, roasted veggies [OMG so yummy], and pretzel bread.

This morning hubby took our son & I to brunch at a new place and it was pretty yummy! My son also got a haircut yesterday. Growing up so fast. 

Until next time. . .


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