Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I swear the sun can be amazing or your worst enemy. Plus, I'm not amazing at editing! Therefore, this post will be regarding the "girls shoot" that hardly happened. We were all primped up and then Mother nature and her creatures were out to get us! First of all, stormy weather was upon us with dreary cloudy no fun shooting weather, THEN. . . the mosquito's had a full on Thanksgiving buffet on us! I got at least 6 bites and I was mostly covered up (jeans, boots, 3/4 sleeve shirt [which they got into some damn how])! Anyways, so here I am trying to edit some (not many) photos I got and I feel like this edit is not even worthy of posting but maybe I could get feedback how to edit photos that are kidnapped by the harsh/cloudy sun.

This is what I've got.

 1st SOOC                                                       2nd Editied

I just feel like the editing is so harsh (while I like the background) How would I get the colors of Gorgeous Dani not so harsh-ish? Ugh I wish they had a certain type of editing class here (not the "old fashion" kind.) 

I do sorta like how the B&W came out though.

Okay, but seriously how gorgeous is she! 

I think I got some what of hang on it (I've been editing then writing this post after photos) and I think I did way better on this one then the first one. 

Practice makes Perfect which I'm not close to but I like it for right now. 

Until next time. . . 


Daniela said...

I think they turned out awesome considering the conditions we had to deal with! Mine weren't much better!

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