Ghost Inspired.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I was recently inspired by i heart faces site with their ghostly portrait tutorial.
Therefore I borrowed my friend and photographer Daniela.
She's amazing. She agreed (last minute request I might add).
She also found this amazing spot a while ago and I thought it'd be perfect. 
Therefore I've messed around with it a couple of times and some I didn't even "ghost-ify" the picture. She's just to pretty to become a ghost! 

First I just jumped into and started off like this.

I asked people and hubby what they thought and they said creepy. So I was verry happy!

Then I had her pose in different places but the same "spot" to capture many ghost of Daniela.

Here is one with 4 and the next one is with 3. I can't decide if it is too crowded, therefore I did one with 4 and one with 3.

What do you think?  4 or 3?

Okay and now she is too gorgeous to be a ghost so here are just some pictures.

By far my favorite.

So. . . what do you think?

Oh and by the way. I love photoshop. Look at the before and after!

Until next time. . . 


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