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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Huge update.

3 year old and an almost 3 month old, house packed up....

Baby girl napped on me 3 times and little guy played iPad and ate in our own little corner while our life got packed up for 8 hours.

Last picture in our Texas home.

Mila sitting up in the hotel after the first leg of the trip.

Another huge thing that changed this month is that I drove from the middle of no where Texas to the Panhandle of Florida (aka home) all by my self with a 3 year old that totally kicked ass and an almost 3 month old that totally hated the car seat. I endured tears, traffic, rain, and screaming. It is something I never want to do again but a huge sigh of relief to have it done with. Hubby will be joining us with the dogs this weekend thank goodness. I feel bad because he has worked his butt off (over 12 hours of kicking ass) and then comes home to clean the house so we can get our deposit back. ANYWAYS. We also got a house! It isn't everything I want but it will do for a year. That is all I will need to live it for. We will find out where hubby's next base is while he is on his tour and I will either buy a house here (if he gets the base he wants) or I will look online at our choices at our follow on. Here is a sneak peek at our new home.

My baby girl Mila got to meet my best friends daughter Gabby and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Another thing that has been different lately is the weather. We moved from dry heat to humid heat and baby girl already gets hot and warm quickly and she is pretty cute when sleeping. 

I'll update later about our new home and other things later.

Until next time. . . 


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