3 month favorites

Thursday, July 24, 2014

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1 | The rock n play has been amazing; with moving and staying in a hotel and my mother in laws it is so easy to fold up and put away or transfer to other rooms. She sleeps in it for the first part of the night (6-7 hours) and it is pretty amazing!

2 | The bouncer was more fun this month because she has started to notice the toys attached and she loves the harder vibration (compared to the rock n play).

3 | I was amazed that Walmart had any nursing items and love these tank tops. They are for 1. AFFORDABLE compared to other places. (why is it nursing clothing have to be so damn expensive!!)

4 | Mila won't take paci's until recently I changed to this Dr. Brown brand and MAM (see item 7). She didn't like the soothies any more and the basically round long paci's. She liked the more flat ones and has been recently taking them like a champ. She needs to be soothed more than her brother did and she's been sucking her fingers but now the paci's are helping her soothe herself lately. (mommy lifesaver)

5 | I got two of these cool toys from Target. You can pull these and they crinkle back up, she can later teethe on the wood when she is getting her teeth, and they are just so darn cute to add to her car seat.

6 | The iPad has been great for multiple things. The most important and cutest thing is she loves to look at herself on the iPad. I'll let her look at herself in the camera function and she just coo's and smiles and loves it. I think it has to do with the light because she doesn't do this while looking into a mirror. Another thing is I found some videos that stimulates babies on YouTube and she is just fascinated with it. It also helps when mommy needs her hands to put her make up on in the morning.

7 | See # 4

8 | I won this awesome SkipHop bag and I already had a diaper bag and a purse I used as a diaper bag but wanted to give this a go and I love this one the most! Due to all the pockets I get a lot more use out of this bag and it doesn't feel as bulky. I can fit lots of things and it feels lighter than my other bags did. Also, I can hang it on the stroller so I don't weigh my shoulder down.

9 | I've been going out more and traveling so this changing pad has been put to use and I love how soft and cushy it is because I've had to change Mila in some not so baby friendly places and felt okay with her on it! 

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