Saturday, September 22, 2012

I got back home last night thanks so much to my Mother in law and her boyfriend for helping baby and I along the way!!!
I love being home because the trip made me realize how much I love my OWN little family and how much I appreciate what I have! I learned a lot about my self and other people during the trip which opened my eyes a lot more and honestly broke my heart into some pieces but on to another day right? I have SOOO many photos to go through (more than 500!) I can't wait to show you them but for now you'll settle for an instagram check up right? 

Resting in the hotel after a long day of riding in the car!!! 

Next morning at Nana's eating Kix and sipping on some goat's milk.

Nana's Thai cooking!

After swimming in Grammie's pool!

Nap time!!

Navarre Beach, FL (no filter needed!)
I miss beach sunsets! The smell and feel is just amazing!

Underneath the Pier!

Waiting on little step sister to get changed for more pictures!

Leaving the beach and saying goodbye to an amazing sunset.

His first time on the merry go round at the mall! 

I love my little guy! 

Just riding my tractor.

He usually will pick one thing if you ask him to pick between two things but nope he wanted both Muno & Foofa but we just got Muno for him!!! Life size (for him) Muno.


On one of the many Lunches with Grammie we had Five Guy's and it was deelish!

YUM! Mom's spring rolls!!

A Texas Sunset to end the trip!

That's all the instagrams since I left and I'll catch up with photos next time!

Until next time. . . 


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