9+ month update

Thursday, January 29, 2015

9+ month update.


Mommies BFF daughter is Mila's BFF  |  Only way she would sleep


stuff like this melts my heart  |  this girl.


Girl, stole my look  |  singing mommy happy birthday


First time falling asleep in the jumper  |  Brother pushing me in the swing


self explanatory  |  pretty girl.


how did I get so lucky  |  gives zero f^cks. basically trying to get popcorn.


love her so much  |  sleepy bum

She does this face about 50x a day and I love every time she does it!!!


who the hell falls asleep like this on someone..... Mila does

no smiles for you mom. this is all you get. 9 months old.

39 weeks in & 39 weeks out.


Louis, do you wanna play?  |  helping me lift 41 lb weights. 


You are 20 lbs 8 oz, 27.5 inches long, and your head.... well thats in the 99 percentile range. You are in 9-12 month clothing. 9 month pants are too short but the onesies fit fine. 


Still nursing. You love cherrios, rice, and noodles. No teeth yet. (mommy isn't complaining). You love "brushing your teeth" when I brush brothers. TODAY. Yes 1/29 (daddy's bday) I had enough and put you in the crib sleepy but awake and you finally (after 20 minutes of fussy crying) fell asleep all by yourself!!!! Also you recently, you got pt. 1 of your flu shot.


You like to feed your self for the most part. You do allow mommy and nana to feed you. You also like when Louis feeds you too. You are still nursing at 9+ months.


You tend to fall asleep in the truck a lot. Like above stated you fell asleep in your crib (which I hope more of that is to come).

  • You crawl super duper fast
  • You pull your self up and walk along things well
  • You can walk with your walker (push walker)
  • You can whistle sometimes by accident
  • You still love crawling into your brothers room and wrecking it.
  • You love being outside (it hasn't hit summer yet in FL)
  • You mesmerized by the dogs
  • You LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath
  • You have a very do whatever I want personality and if you tell me no, I will smile and do it anyway
  • anything Louis says to you, you adore

Until next time. . .


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