Ever since.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ever since that vent I had everything has been... better.
Is that weird? I put it out into the universe mama needs a break and I've pretty much gotten one. That night of the terrible day, I had a crazy idea to turn toddlers crib into a "toddler bed" and take the side off. He wasn't for it at first but we put one of the doggies in his room and that helped *note that we never let the dogs in his room due to allergies and just dog hair* He finally got to bed at 11 (he usually goes to bed around 8,9,10 depending on when he wakes up that morning). I went in there a couple times just to assure him he is okay. The weird thing is the next day he was the most amazing kid ever. He was AWESOME to say the least. It was errand day ( I like to get stuff done in one day) therefore, we went to target, walmart, and sams. Home to drop off cold/frozen goods. Commissary, he saw daddy during his lunch, came home had lunch and napped, all while being amazing and calm and with snacks. Then we went to HEB and he was just amazing. And still he naps and sleeps better at night I feel and the weird thing is the freedom he does have to get out of bed in the morning, he waits for mommy to get him still or to tell him to come out of his room. haha. He's also had less tantrums. I don't know why or how it could be because of the bed but he's been way more "easier" since I converted his crib to a bed. 

That is it for now.

Until next time. . . 


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