wiping the dust away.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm back...
Sort of. So, I've finally got back in the groove of things. Baby feels pretty much all better. Therefore here is some things coming soon.
Next week, Hubby requested some time off (something like use it or lose it leave) and I am so excited. Ideas of what we are going to do. Go to this park/pond area that ducks and geese beg and yell at you to feed them. (pending weather), maybe a trip to Round Rock, TX so I can finally visit an IKEA!!! (excited... HELL YES!) but one of the most exciting things is we are going to see YO GABBA GABBA LIVE!!!!

Baby is a HUGE HUGE HUGE FAN! He wakes up saying YO (he can't pronounce Gabba) [side note: he yells YO everywhere so they probably think we are pretty gangster...right?] But yes we are going to see them and ...to be honest... hubby and I are pretty darn pumped and excited too. It's about two hours away and hopefully we can go early and look around town. It's on a Wednesday so I am excited that it shouldn't be much traffic and stuff like that. Also, it's in a "small town" compared to a city like Dallas. Although, it's a SOLD OUT SHOW! I might get a little anxiety over that. But onto other stuff.
 [aka the title]
wiping the dust away. my camera and creative juices have been not even on the back burner but behind that..... the wall I guess haha. I am looking through flickr today and really got the push to do maybe a day in the life of my son. just to see stuff from his point of view. hopefully it goes pretty smooth. I just feel like I haven't really taken "memory" pictures of him lately. Anyways that's about it for now. Hopefully I get lots of family, YGG, and day in the life photos during hubbys week off.

P.S. I have some other ideas brewing too. Hopefully they come to life.

Until next time. . .


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