Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I just want to say I am so grateful I have met some amazing friends at this duty station (& FAST!). We also share a common passion for photography. One particular photographer & friend (who you are probably tired of hearing about but I do not really care)  Dani  teaches, tells me, and shares so many new tricks with me. A lot of photographers that I come across do not want to help, share, or spread their knowledge with fellow friends/photographers. Anyways back to the post.
Dani and the client invited me to a Boudoir shoot. I would have been so happy just to learn from the shoot, but no they are nice enough to let me shoot so I can add to my portfolio. The following photos are some of my favorites that I shot and thought would be appropriate and okay to share.

Until next time. . . 


Daniela said...

<3 <3 So glad to be able to help!! I looveeee your photos!! :D

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