What's Hot In TX

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So what is new here....?
well I joined the Combined spouses club here and also volunteered to be the publicist which makes me feel like I am helping out and definitely meeting new girls around the base.   I feel as a military spouse if you put in effort at a new or just any base you get friends and memories out of it. You can't expect to move somewhere and everyone want to be your friend. anyways off that rant. It is hot hot hot in Texas and I have a pretty nice tan going on (no effort involved).  I think this week we might go to the rec camp pool (eek haven't been swimming in like 3 years!!) anyways that's about it for now. look how much baby has grown. 

This little "big" guy fromt his to 

to this handsome guy!!!!

My boys!

and a lovely Texas Sunset to send you off with :)

until next time. . . . 


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